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Handwritten Art, Original Art, Unique Art in Santa Rosa, CA


Original Art & Unique Art in Santa Rosa, California

Art Pieces

At HandWrittenArt, we create new and exciting art pieces using handwritten letters submitted by customers. We do not alter your letters in any way; we only overlay your words onto each other until pictures start to form.

Commission a unique or original piece with special memorabilia that you’ve collected or saved. Our staff even provides you with a signed copy and certificate of authenticity with each piece.

Contact us in Santa Rosa, California, to request more information about our original and unique art creations.

About Us

Decorate your home or office with original and unique art created from your handwritten memorabilia by our staff in Santa Rosa, California. With more than 10 years of experience, the staff at HandWrittenArt, creates original art work from handwritten letters.

The basis for our art work is to show the hidden pictures and symbols that our subconscious minds create when we write. This particular kind of art has never been done before. The whole picture allows people to alter their state of consciousness by staring at the symmetry. We hope you find them as hypnotic and captivating as we do. 

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